Our Story

My name is Steve Walters, I am a retired Water Well Driller and Septic Contractor. I retired at 70 years old stayed home 2 weeks (enough). I looked for something to do I found this old Mobil Home Park in a pecan grove and fell in love. I bought the park with 3 large nice Mobil Homes and moved all the rest out. I started renovation I ran all new water lines, all new electrical, new sewer lines, new water well and 3 new aerobic sewer plants.  A few contractors moved in and started telling friends and I was full quick, but folks kept calling.  Well there was 7 acres next to me, so I bought that and added another 27 lots.

If you knew me you would know this not about money, this about my love for my wife Jeannette (the real owner) and her future when I’m gone.  My love for the people I meet and become friend with (ask anyone here).  By the way my wife and I are Christian folks and we try to run this park with the ethic’s and values thought to me all my life.

Our Mission

My mission is not to get rich in the RV Park Business.  My goal is to make the folks that are away from home trying to make a living as comfortable as possible, by giving them an environment that is roomie, clean, quiet, and as peaceful.  If you don’t think this is true ask any of my tenants.


About Chenango RV Park



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